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photo of Levon Sirbol

Levon Sirbol

Head Of Marketing, Tsremli Clothing

“Really great value for money, really would highly recommend for anybody that is trying to reach out and get more followers”

what our customers say

Case Study

How Tsremli Clothing transformed through Social Boost’s powerful targeting strategy.


Levon Sirbol

Scaling on social media is expensive; you have to hire a third party and hope they do the job well. Tsremli faced the same challenge months ago when hiring a freelance social media manager.

Their main objective was to reach out and connect with Gen-Z, who would love creative and unique clothing styles Tsrmeli had to offer.

Despite all the resources they put into this project, they were only seeing a few new notifications, and stale website traffic. Reaching less than 10% of their audience and being stuck at 3800 followers was a motivation killer.

That’s when they knew it was time for a change.

  • Targeting relevant audience

    Targeting relevant audience

  • Affordable strategy

    Affordable strategy

  • Guaranteed Results and increased reach

    Guaranteed Results and increased reach

growth analyst


Growth Analyst

After doing extensive research online and talking to our Instagram experts, Levon decided to trust their Instagram growth to our team.

The Premium plan soon skyrocketed their growth from 3.8k to 9k followers. Knowing how effective our campaigns were, they decided to implement our Content Creation and Social media Advertising services for even better outcome. The power of our creative design and targeted promotion is already making a huge difference.

Levon @Tsremli

"We started 2 months ago, and we just had our best month of sales on record and the best engagement rate"

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Instagram Analytic Reviews

Levon Sirbol

Using Social Boost’s effective targeting strategy and hand-powered growth methods, Tsremli Collective quickly attracted its main target audience.

We were able to make more sales and get loyal customers, who not only made single time purchases but posted months about our product.

increase in website traffic by 51% They had an overall increase in website traffic by 51%.
conversion rate increased by 130% They were able to generate 500 new leads and their conversion rate increased by 130%.
now hitting up to 10k Instagram followers Not to mention that @Tsremli is now hitting up to 10k Instagram followers.

Tsremli Clothing and Social Boost have been working together since August 2024, and we are confident it will take their business to new heights!

If you’re looking to boost your Instagram presence and need help targeting the right people, talk to our experts.

Our team can design a customized strategy to help you achieve similar or even better results.

Let us show you what we can do for you!

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