Who We are

Meet our dynamic team of Instagram experts and cats.

How it all started

Our company's journey began when our co-founders took over their friend's Instagram business account and saw significant growth.

It was like a lightbulb moment, and with referrals pouring in, they soon built a bigger team of experts (and one lucky cat). That's how Social Boost was born.

Fast forward to today, and we've got a team of 150 Instagram Managers and six office cats working together to help over 3,200 brands and influencers reach their Instagram growth goals.

Our leadership team

Here’s the team that makes
Social Boost possible.

CEO of the social boost
Joel Moss
Chief Executive Officer
Chief marketing officer of Social Boost
Nika Tsotniashvili
Chief Marketing Officer
Levan Sanikidze
Chief Financial Officer
HR of social boost
Mariam Lejava
Human Resources
Head of instagram marketing managers of social boost
Kate Gujabidze
Head of Instagram Marketing Managers
Catherine Megrelishvili
Head of Campaign Managers

About us

Real People, Real Results

Our team at Social Boost is just as real as the followers we help you grow. Spread across three continents, we are proud to say that our experts provide the best organic Instagram growth service. Whether you need help crafting the perfect content strategy or increasing your engagement.

More than 92% of Happy Users

Want to know what it is like to work with client obsessed Instagram Marketing agency? Our 24/7 support team is always available to respond to live chats in under 60 seconds. But it is not just about efficiency - our clients rave about our service quality. In fact, over 92% of them rate their experience with us positively.

Employee of the social boost
Employee of the social boost
Instagram and Table Tennis Experts

At Social Boost, we don't just reserve Fridays for office parties - we also use them to improve our skills. We often host professional training and, most importantly, table tennis competitions. So come on over and challenge us to a game!

Option to Visit Us or Book a Video Call

We always strive to build strong relationships with our clients as it helps us to deliver better results. Come visit us or book a video call to see what's happening in our office. We’ll gladly show you around, and you might get a chance to practice your ping-pong serve with our experienced players.

We Help You Crush Your Instagram Goals

We know that communication is super important! That is why we have made it our top priority.

We have put together a team of Dedicated Campaign Managers who will work closely with you to really understand your needs and achieve your Instagram goals.

Our Instagram Marketing Secret.

We are not ashamed to admit it - we are crazy about cats.In fact, that is our secret to success.

One of our cat models, Hashtag, strutted up to our office door and demanded we make her an Instagram star. And who were we to argue?

As if that wasn not enough, today we have six other cats - running over our keyboards.

Employee of the social boost

Our Company

150 full-time staff spread across 3 continents. Meet the people and cats that make Social Boost the #1 Instagram Marketing Agency on the planet!

Our team
Our cats
Onboarding Specialist
Instagram Marketing Manager
Instagram Marketing Expert
Content Creator
Campaign Manager
Campaign Manager Team Lead
Instagram Targeting Specialist
Senior Social
Media Advertiser
Content Creator
Team Lead
Instagram Growth
Strategy Specialist
Instagram Growth Marketer
Growth Agent

We are hiring

Join the world’s fastest-growing Instagram Marketing Agency! We’re currently looking for new talents, so check out our open positions and become part of our big team.

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Client Manager
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Instagram Manager
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Full Stack Developer
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